First steps with DAZ Studio: Part Four

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  1. Chgowiz says:

    Request for new DAZ example:

    Go here:, read the goblin story…

    OK, all done? Now, this scene:

    As it happened, they had tumbled right in front of the evil master’s door, and he had overheard their conversation after being awoken from his nap by the racket. “What exactly,” he said, lingering on those words menacingly, “is it you have to tell me that would get you into trouble?”

    “Oh evil master, nothing to make you mad,” Snit groveled from his knees. “I have such very good news for you, and then he has some minor bad news for you after that.” He pointed to his young protégé, who was so enraptured by the evil master’s presence that all he could manage was to reach in his pocket and offer up the gooey spit he’d saved from the lesson.

    That would be my background image, for sure! Please, please please… :D :D

  2. Stuart says:


    Hope you had a good birthday.

    Stuarts last blog post..Episodic Powers

  3. Greywulf says:

    @Chgowiz I’ll add it to my request list :D

    @Stuart Yes I did, thanks!

  4. Blue Flame says:

    The part about the grids was wonderful! Yes, I am a beginner but still…

  5. Greywulf says:

    Thanks! I’m glad to be of help.

  1. December 15, 2008

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