Character du Jour: Redhawk

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  1. Blaquesaber says:

    I’m ready for a Redhawk webcomic all ready. I’ll pay .99 an issue for that. I see this being 33% A-Team/Mission Impossible/Soldier of Fortune INC. [in a good non-repetative way], 33% X-Files, 33% Superhero team like X-Factor or The Power Co. [not the big epic teams like Avengers or JLA].

    Right away, to get the reader caught up one of Redhawks “Standard” soldiers is hurt, or mabye Redhawk needs another man, so a new person is brought in and needs to be brought up to speed…

  2. Greywulf says:

    @Blaquesaber Be careful what you wish for :D

  3. The name Schultz brings back found memories…

    I applaud this character…

    Reverend Mikes last blog post..Quizzes and such…

  4. Stuart says:


    Stuarts last blog post..Giddyap Rhino

  5. Greywulf says:

    Rev Mike wins the no-prize for getting the reference :D

    Me, I want a toy model of Redhawk and his Harriers complete with pull back and go red motorbikes.

    And I want it NOW!

  6. Maestro says:

    that is all sorts of awesome. I was not expecting that at all. A cunning player could cause havoc with a character like that ;)

    Maestros last blog post..Married!!

  7. benpop says:

    He reminds me of the story of Jesus and the centurion. (I don’t get the reference, though, woe is me!)

    I’d totally offer my art skillz for a webcomic but A) I don’t draw Marvel/DC-style stuff and B) I’m already dying enough with school as it is.

    The idea is certainly cool. :)

  8. Maestro says:

    oh man … I’d freaking love a webcomic based on this guy. So awesome ….

  9. Blaquesaber says:

    See, I’m a trend setter!

  10. Greywulf says:

    Stop ganging up on me! :D

  11. Tourq says:



  1. June 21, 2010

    […] the solo game I generated Redhawk, a hero with the ability to bestow powers on others (as well as himself) along with the Harriers, a […]

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