Character du Jour sneak peek: Meet Redhawk

DAZ Studio, no postwork. Click to enlarge.

DAZ Studio, no postwork. Click to enlarge.

Coming soon! Here’s Redhawk, my latest superhero from my campaign. Expect full stats, origin and backstory for both Mutants & Masterminds and the Marvel RPG, just because.

I’m pretty pleased with how this guy turned out.

Anyone want to guess what his powers are?

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7 Responses

  1. Rev suspects fast healing and flight…but probabilities are against him being correct…

    Darn statistics…

    Reverend Mikes last blog post..Quizzes and such…

  2. Blaquesaber says:

    He has no actual powers. Instead he relies on gear, science, money and drive….

  3. Maestro says:

    possibly one of your coolest renders ever.

    I suspect he will be batman-esque: very skilled, with lots of technology and wealth at his disposal (though he reminds me of daredevil).

    Maestros last blog post..Married!!

  4. Greywulf says:

    @All Thanks for the input and kind words :D

    Not. Even. Close.

    Keep guessing! :D

  5. Blaquesaber says:

    Ooohhhhh I know…he swoons the ladies, what with that big “Cup” in front to show off :)

  6. Greywulf says:

    @Blaquesaber Why d’you think he’s smiling? :D

  1. December 7, 2008

    […] their character’s personality that they’d like to explore further. For example, my own Redhawk’s Nemesis is going to be someone called The Totality. Yeh, I’m seriously stoked about this […]

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