Stacking 4e D&D Powers

So here’s a quick question for all the 4e rules lawyers out there.

I’m generating a 1st level Bugbear Fighter/Rogue for a campaign. This gives him Sneak Attack once per encounter, and Predatory Eye too, once per encounter. Any by-the-rules reason why he can’t use them both at the same time in a single round, giving him +3d6 against a single foe so long as he’s got combat advantage and is wielding a light blade.

How about if he did that using his daily Brute Strike power, meaning he’d do 3d6+3d6 (+STR) damage. Ouch.

I’ve been ruling that it’s fine because powers such as Sneak Attack add dice of damage provided the conditions are met, and if a player wants to burn a load of per Encounter or Daily Powers on a single strike, it’s cool by me.

Now though, it’s being called into question.

Help appreciated! :D

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9 Responses

  1. WilliamPall says:

    As near as I can tell, ya should be good. You’ll have to remember that using such a tactic uses up both a Standard and a Minor action, but yes, it can be done.

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  2. Selganor says:

    There’s no reason why this shouldn’t work.

    Just remember… if he misses the attack the Predator’s eye is probably wasted (unless he gives himself a second chance with an action point)

    I am enjoying such synergies with my “ninja” (Ranger with Rogue Multiclass) as well. With a bastard sword in his main hand and a dagger in his off-hand he can dish out quite some damage once he’s got combat advantage agains his Quarry.

  3. Tony Law says:

    The question is, can you do a standard action and a minor action at the same time. I’d probably allow it, but I can see others saying you can’t.

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  4. Milambus says:

    That should work fine.

    Predatory Eye has to be used before the attack since its a minor action though. Which means it can be lost if they miss.

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  5. jonathan says:

    According to the RAW, it should work. The two actions do not “happen at the same time” – they are distinct actions, but the effects are combined due to the way Predatory Eye is worded “deal +1d6 damage on the next attack you make”. As a minor action, Predatory Eye is invoked first. Then the standard attack action occurs, whatever that might be (i.e. Brute Strike, etc). If the attack hits and you still have combat advantage, and you have yet to use your Sneak Attack class feature, then you can choose to add the sneak attack damage as well. Thus, 3[W] +1d6 +2d6 +Str is the result for using these abilities with Brute Strike.

    And yes… the target should immediately scream like gnome in a grain mill. OUCH!

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  6. Wyatt says:

    Yep, it works just fine. My favorite use of it is with main class rogue with a multiclass for ranger. Yields much the same effect as a bugbear, but doesn’t have to deal with DM approval of the bugbear. I especially like it with a crossbow and the lasting frost combo :)

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  7. Dave T. Game says:

    Also worth pointing out that the Bugbear in the MM isn’t the PC race and has abilities that are probably a bit too powerful for PCs- if you care about that sort of thing. I believe they, along with Minotaurs, get the ability to wield oversized weapons, and the PC version won’t. I expect they’ll keep Predatory Eye though.

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  8. Gary says:

    @Dave T. Games

    The Oversized* attribute was removed from Minotaurs in the latest Dragon article. They got some other benefits back, though. I can’t remember where, now, but Mike Mearls has stated that any race really intended for player use would not get Oversized, and if any did it would get fixed quickly.

    * Oversized lets characters of that race use weapons from the next larger size category. For instance, a Bugbear could wield a 2d6 Large-sized, high crit Fullblade and get Heavy Blade Opportunity fairly easily. Nasty.

  9. Greywulf says:

    @All Thanks, guys good to know I wasn’t going crazy over this one. And I agree – Oversized is not for player consumption :D

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