Villain du Jour: Lazarus

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8 Responses

  1. Greywulf says:

    Much appreciated, good Reverend :D

  2. BigWaveDave says:

    Some might be surprised that there are conservative Christians who like to play D&D too. As one myself, I find nothing offensive about this post. Quite the contrary. My opinion is that God gave each of us remarkable brains and it is our responsibility to use them to their fullest. D&D exercises mine. While I don’t yet play any modern versions of the game, I find this villain to be genius. Now the picture of Conan undressed below….that’s a different story…

  3. Greywulf says:

    @BigWaveDave Glad you like my treatment of Lazarus. I’m pretty pleased with the character too; just goes to show that sometimes even good deeds can have bad consequences.

    And I’ll concede that last pic of Conan is far from my best. It’s just a throwaway render, that one. Conan is traditionally shown as being this near-naked barbarian warrior, and that’s kinda the point of the image – he ought to put some clothes on :D

  4. Dr. Checkmate says:

    That is seven shades of awesome!

  5. Maestro says:

    This really is some of your best work. It really conjures up an image. Someone who just won’t die, as much as he wants to. I particularly like the morally grey parts, helping people to heaven even if they are not ready to go. Very evocative.

    Maestros last blog post..M&M/SWSE Crossover – Races (Part 1)

  6. Greywulf says:

    @Maestro & @Dr. Checkmate Thanks. I think you’ll be seeing more of this guy :D

  7. Maestro says:

    that would rock. I can just picture him advancing on the poor heroes, weary of what he must do, but knowing he must do it, and no matter what they do to him, he just gets back up, and keeps coming. Really creepy…

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