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  1. Christa says:

    Well, since Customer Support is rather a “feature” in this country than a part of the service that should be included in all business transactions, it’s not surprising. As we said the other day – they’re making more money from those darn 0845 numbers than from the broadband service itself.

  2. I worked in a call centre, doing customer support for PC World stores. It was a job from hell, the modern equivalent of the poor house, so I have a lot sympathy for anyone working in call centre.

    That said, I wonder why companies think that good customer service can be achieved by people with strong accents and speaking in a second language regardless of where they are in the world.

    One of my colleagues at the call centre was a immigrant from S.E. Asia. Lovely, bright chap but I could not understand a word he was saying, even when I was standing 2 feet away. God knows what our customers thought.

    But the reverse also happens. I had a woman call who had a very strong foreign accent and I could not understand her. It got very frustrating and ended with her shouting and hanging up the phone. Presumably if she had got one of my non-UK colleagues she would of been fine.

    I think when you ring a call centre, there should be some sort of menu where you can select which accent you want your operator to have:

    “Press 2. for Glaswegian, Press 3. for SE Asian ….”

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  3. Greywulf says:

    Lol! Yep, exactly so.

    I worked very closely with a Call Centre for a major ISP for several years and one of their main requirements for employment was that you could speak clearly in an easy to understand manner. Whereas in some Call Centres, the opposite seems to be true…….

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