Eldarin or Eladrin?

Gregor over at The Art of the Near TPK quite rightly asks Is Eldarin the New Rouge? Far too many of us are getting it wrong!

Here’s my comment on this admittedly controversial issue:

I plead guilty to this one!

I just prefer the word “Eldarin”. It runs off the tongue more smoothly and…. well…. sounds more Elven.

“Eladrin” sounds more Spanish; it’s like you’re saying El Adrin. There’s a glottal stop hiding in there I don’t like.

Heck, I didn’t even notice it wasn’t Eldarin until you pointed it out :)

As one of the prime perpetrators of using Eldarin instead of the “official” Eladrin spelling, I gotta ask……

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9 Responses

  1. I chose other because, frankly, I kinda like all the answers…

    Except eldarin. That one still bugs me :)

    Gregor LeBlaques last blog post..Is Eldarin the New Rouge?

  2. Greywulf says:

    Fairy nuff.

    Given that Eldarin is Tolkien Elvish for… uh….. Elvish, and all Wizards did was shamefully steal the word and switch a few letters round to avoid nasty lawyerssses, my vote is, and will probably always be for Eldarin. Rather than their clumsy lazy theft of a word.

    But each to their own :D

  3. Tomcat1066 says:

    I voted for “Who the F___ cares?” just because it looked like fun. I like Eldarin better, but since Wizards wants to call them Eladrin, I’ll call them Eladrin also. It really doesn’t make a difference to me either way ;)

    Tomcat1066s last blog post..What Your Character Knows That You Don’t

  4. ChattyDM says:

    In French, Eladrin is more natural… Vowel, Consonant, Vowel… I never mixed it up.

    Sheesh you anglos are weird with your make up thieves…

    ChattyDMs last blog post..Kobold Love: Intro, Background and Summary, Part 1

  5. Definitely Eladrin…’tis more flowy…

    Reverend Mikes last blog post..Saturday Night Special: GLaDOS Lives!

  6. Ben Overmyer says:

    Definitely Eladrin. I love those VCV patterns.

    Ben Overmyers last blog post..Site updates

  7. Ravyn says:

    Wasn’t the original eladrin before the edition-change some kind of Good extraplanar-type that came in a couple different varieties?

    Ravyns last blog post..The Generic Villain on Public Executions

  8. I vote for Eladrin, it does sound more elven like.

    peasantbutchers last blog post..Pantheon made to order

  9. benpop says:

    That fact that it’s one-off of Tolkien’s Eldarin confused me a lot at first. Now I pronounce the vowels differently: “Eldarin” being /”El.da.4in/ and “Eladrin” being /@.”l{d.r\In/. For people who don’t know X-SAMPA, approximations would be “ELL-dah-reen” and “uh-LAD-rin”, respectively.

    But, yeah, totally Eldarin all the way. In fact, I would totally make a case for those being in free variation among the dialects of the El(a|d){2}rin and other races — seems a likely product of simple metathesis!

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