The Temple of Days Ending

Every adventuring party needs a safe haven; a place that they feel is somewhere they can rest and recover from the rigours of their chosen way of life. Just as Tolkien gave us Rivendell, it’s worth creating some place where the players feel that they’re completely safe from Evil; where strong stone walls or powerful magic (or both) protect it’s occupants from harm.

This is the place they can go to for healing, training, advice and much needed arcane aid. It is, quite literally, a Point of Light for the players and a reminder of why they’re fighting Evil in the first place.

Then watch their faces a few levels down the line when it’s overrun by demonic hordes.

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3 Responses

  1. Tomcat1066 says:

    You’d overrun paradise with demonic hordes? Why?

    Kobolds are much more fun and really screw with a player ;)

    Tomcat1066s last blog post..Tomcat Jr.’s First Adventure

  2. Greywulf says:

    Heh. How about demonic kobolds? :D

  3. Tomcat1066 says:

    DUDE! That would be so cool!!! :D

    Tomcat1066s last blog post..Tomcat Jr.’s First Adventure

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