NowThatsWhatICallAKickassMagicSword: Oh yeah.

Take one badass Guard Golem dude, give him a lightning sword and you’re looking at a serious old-school D&D smack-down!

Rendered in Poser, magic lightning added using Photoshop. The wonderful depth-of-field is all Poser magic though; now I’ve worked out how to use photographic f-stop and DOF calculations in Poser, expect lots of blurry backgrounds in future :) I’ll post up a mini-tutorial in future. Maybe.

Meantime, I’ve made a metric tonne of renders of the past few days while I’m finding my way around the app, so expect more fantasy, superhero and manga (no, really) goodness to follow.

In the meantime, anyone want to stat this Guard Golem and sword?

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