Batman Versus Moon Knight: Who is cooler?

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  1. BlaqueSaber says:

    Not being a HUGE Marvel fan (I don’t read a ton of Marvel books) I’m speculating but at one point Marvel recrafted their universe with the “mutants” at their center right? Characters like Captain America get to ride along on the fringe of that – the super soldier serum and all – but characters like Moon Knight really get left out in the cold.

    On the other hand Batman is one of the trinity that makes up DC and always has been. I mean DC stands for Detective Comics. Batman isn’t on the fringe of the DCU he’s smack in the middle of it. He’s in book after book, as the star or as a secondary character. Hell, there are even books that star another character (Nightwing) that have the star of the book take a back seat each time Batman shows up.

    I don’t agree that Moon Knight is a better overall character though, I think it’s apples and oranges.

  2. Jesse Farrell says:

    Batman has been in several of my favorite stories of all time and, as a result, is one of my favorite characters.

    I can’t think of a single Moon Knight story I’ve enjoyed. I mean, I’ve read some stories he was IN, but…

    Sorry, but when the rubber hits the road, Batman’s the favorite for a reason.

  3. Theo says:

    Glad you admit to the Moon Knight bias right up front! :-) Otherwise, we might have some doubt where your views might lie. j/k

    Good post, although I very respectfully disagree. Moon Knight is very cool, and I’ve liked him for a long time, but to me he’ll always been Marvel’s attempt at capturing the interest and imagination of Batman fans from DC. Is Moon Knight a great character? Indeed he is. Is he as great as Batman? uh-uh.

    I also disagree that Brue Wayne isn’t cool. Millionaire playboy isn’t cool? Heck, I’d love to be one! ;-) ‘Sides, the whole idea is that Bruce Wayne is…well…a little “unremarkable” and yet very much in touch with the goings on in Gotham through his influence.

    I also feel that one of the cooler aspects of Batman is being neglected here: the character isn’t Bruce Wayne who becomes the Batman sometimes….he’s The Batman who sometimes becomes Bruce Wayne.

    Again, just respectful disagreement! Excellent post!

    • BlaqueSaber says:

      Why is Moon Knight not as cool as Batman? It’s clear your a Batman fan, aren’t we all, but what’s up with Moon Knight? Why does he fall short in your eyes?

  4. daarkanjel says:

    actually, DC stand for Direct Current, not Detective Comics. yes, Batman is central to DC’s universe, and has kept them in business through movie rights/merchandising alone. Being a street level character, i prefer MK’s low profile, suits his goals better. While Batman has his friend Superman to back him up when things go sideways, in the end, MK stands w/ his ppl, the street level beings he is protecting, and they prevail through sheer human determination, or stubborness, whichever term you prefer.

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