Greywulf's Lair

20th August 2014
This might look like a blog, but this isn't a blog. It isn't even my old blog brought back to life. This is what it looks like, a one-page site showing nothing more than words on a page. It is almost brutally simple both in setup and layout. It'll do, for now.

It is also about as fault-tolerant as a website can get (provided the web server keeps on serving, of course). There's nothing to hack and no databse to fall over and become corrupted, and moving sites is as easy as copying a single file.

There are downides to this simplicity of course. Making a new post involves editing the html and re-uploading rather that typing online in a neat edit box on a password protected dashboard. There's no rss feed (though I plan to rectify that in the near future), nor is there a comment system. If you feel the urge to feedback about my ramblings, and I do welcome your thoughts, then please comment via Twitter. That's increasingly how more people comment on blogs anyway, so I might as well dive in and make that the default comment mechanism from the start. Again, simplicity is key.

So welcome back, friends. Welcome to the new post-apocalyse lo-tech Lair. When I get the old site working again I'll toss it in an archive somewhere for posterity. It deserves a good resting place, don't you think?

Till later, y'all.

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